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The Teosyal Pen is the first motorised, cordless hyaluronic acid injection system.

A natural-looking result with the absence of side effects and minimal pain are essential criteria regarding filler injections1.

TEOSYAL®PEN was created for practitioners who want to bring filler injections at a new level of expertise.

TEOSYAL®PEN is a unique electronic dispenser specifically designed for hyaluronic acid filler injections

1 Kantar Health. The European TEOSYAL®PEN trial included 30 physicians and 236 patients. 42 patients had never received manual injection with a hyaluronic acid-based filler. Report N°40HB64. 2014. “Achieving a natural result”, “not having side effects” and “not feeling pain” are qualitative criteria assessed on a scale of 0 (not important) to 5 (very important). Here are results for “important” (4) to “very important” (5).

The TEOSYAL®PEN is a non-sterile device intended to assist medical practionners in injecting dermal fillers. Manufactured in Switzerland by JuvaPlus. Contraindications: It is the practioner’s full responsibility to read and follow the instructions for use in order to avoid any adverse reactions or complaints. For further information, please read carefully the user guide by asking your practitioner for the one provided in the box. If you are a patient, please refer also to your doctor for more details about your treatment. TEOSYAL®PEN is a medical device of class IIa (CE marking 0434). Filling products treatment may require several retouches during time in order to obtain the desired correction.

Already used by leading experts

“It’s all about enabling patients to relax and making them feel comfortable. This is the result of Teosyal®Pen”

“With the Teosyal®Pen, injections are streamlined and less painful in comparison to manual injections”

“Today, we should no longer have fear of pain during an aesthetic treatment”