About Bio Logica

This anti-ageing complex is made with three biologically derived key ingredients that occur naturally in the skin’s structure. Hyaluronan is the main component of the dermis and is responsible for maintaining hydration, firmness and elasticity. Sodium lactate with neutralised pH is derived from alpha hydroxy acid which assists in the regeneration and replacement of skin cells. Glycerol plays a key role in cellular metabolism, helping to moisturise the epidermis by maintaining the hydrolipidic film.

While most topical skin products contain no more than 8 per cent of active ingredients, Bio Logica Hyaluserum contains 23 per cent.

A Formula consisting solely of active ingredients

From France, a natural and biologically safe anti-ageing serum that provides the most efficient combination of ingredients for moisturising, firming and treating wrinkles. Hyaluserum has been developed by Innoderm to treat mature skin and for complementary use with aesthetic procedures.

Maximum efficiency

The Hyaluserum formula contains an incomparable 23 per cent of active ingredients and only 0.5 per cent essential conservation content, which has been validated for safety. It contains no parabens or phenoxyethanolor formaldehyde. Only natural and highly purified ingredients have been included, providing maximum efficiency and optimum safety.

Other skincare products commonly contain ingredients derived from fats or petrochemicals, polymer resins, synthetic surfactant agents or acidifying or alkalising agents. Used to provide the texture of the product, such compounds often need masking by the further addition of perfume or colouring, and altogether these ingredients can constitute as much as 50 per cent of the formula. As a result the content of active ingredients rarely exceeds 8 per cent, and the unnecessary ingredients pose significant risks of intolerance and even allergic reactions.