Product Showcase: Teoxane RHA™ Serum

What is it?

Teoxane RHA™ Serum is a regenerative skin concentrate that protects and reactivates the skin’s natural regeneration mechanisms.

The resilient hyaluronic acid® (RHA) technology is combined with TEOXANE Dermo-Restructuring complex (powerful antioxidants, amino acids, minerals and vitamin B6) that reactivates the natural deep regeneration mechanisms of the skin, and ensures a reinforced protection from oxidative stress.

The light texture blends like a second skin, offering your patients long lasting, intense hydration, and provides an immediate tightening effect.*

What does it treat?

Teoxane RHA™ Serum is designed to treat the effects of dehydrated skin as well as brightening dull skin and smoothing wrinkles by reactivating the regeneration mechanisms.

What are its key ingredients & properties?

  • RHA resilient hyaluronic acid – Hydrates lastingly and strengthens skin barrier
  • NovHyal – Restructures by stimulating GAGs synthesis and cells regeneration
  • Demo-Restructuring Complex – Revitalizes and protects
  • Unitamuron H22 – for elasticity, hydration and an exceptional smoothing effect.
  • Vitamin B6 – skin regeneration

What are its benefits?

After 14 days of use*:
97% – The skin is more hydrated
94% – The complexion is brighter
91% – The skin surface is smoother

How is it used?

Apply a small amount directly to the skin after cleansing with Teoxane RHA Micellar Solution.

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*Self-assessement conducted by an independent laboratory on 31 volunteers.
**Results evaluated after 28 days.