Product Showcase: Teoxane Radiant Night Peel

The <<new skin>> effect treatment.

Teoxane Radiant Night Peel boosts skin cells renewal thanks to its high concentration of glycolic acid. It is particularly indicated when the natural skin scaling process is impaired, especially after prolonged sun exposure.

What is it?

RADIANT NIGHT PEEL was specifically developed to be used in a medical peeling protocol. With its high glycolic acid concentration, RADIANT NIGHT PEEL accelerates cell renewal and is particularly indicated when the natural skin desquamation process becomes less efficient, notably following a prolonged sun exposure.

RADIANT NIGHT PEEL attenuates age spots and evens and brightens skin tone.

What does it treat?

RADIANT NIGHT PEEL is indicated for the treatment of wrinkles, fine lines, complexion irregularities and imperfections. It has been specially designed for use in a medical peeling protocol but can also be used alone, provided the instructions for use mentioned on the packaging are respected.

Due to its high glycolic acid concentration, RADIANT NIGHT PEEL accelerates the cell renewal process, smoothes and renders skin texture more uniform while alleviating any pigmentary imperfections.

Key ingredients & properties

  • RHA resilient hyaluronic acid
  • Glycolic Acid 15%*
  • Neutrazen & Allantoin


  • Stimulates cellular renewal
  • Brightens skin tone
  • Diminishes appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Smoothes complexion irregularities (pigmentary imperfections, visible pores)
  • Improves skin quality and texture


After 15 days:

  • The complexion radiance has been improved by 7.7%.
  • The skin texture is refined by 6.5%.

How is it used?

Apply at night on a cleansed face, in a thin and uniform layer, avoiding the eye and lip areas. In the morning, before applying the day cream, carefully cleanse the entire face. Avoid all sun exposure for the duration of the treatment. Apply a protective sun screen.

If used alone (21-day program):
Apply the treatment every night for 21 days. For better performance and a cumulative effect, it is recommended to follow the RADIANT NIGHT PEEL program 2 to 4 times per year, spacing the treatments by 3 months and avoiding the summer period.

As part of a medical peeling protocol:
Apply at night, 15 days before the first medical peeling session, then in between each peeling session to optimise procedure efficacy.

For both treatment regimens it is recommended to use high SPF protection.

The speak about it

“After 1-2 weeks, I saw real changes. I am especially impressed with the morning foundation assignment: I opt for less opacity. The skin is smoothed, application of foundation is a pleasure, and the next morning, the skin feels really soft and “juicy”.”

Der blasse schimmer, Blog, Germany

“At the end of the first week, I saw changes for the radiance. The skin is less dull, I have almost loose a tone of foundation (very impressive). I noticed an action on pigmentary spots and marks, although it took three weeks to get rid of some persistent.”

Sapphire Beauty, France

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*Glycolic Acid is an active molecule, that can cause irritation at high concentrations, like any other fruit acid. Before applying on the face, it is highly recommended to test the product on a less exposed area in order to verify skin tolerance.
**Multi-center study conducted on 24 volunteers by 2 independent an aesthetic physicians and 2 dermatologists.