Introducing Juvapen

Mondeal Aesthetics is pleased to announce that Juvapen is now available in Australia.

Juvapen is designed specifically for botulinum toxin injections. Thanks to unparalleled precision, patients show significantly improved results and fewer side effects.

What are the advantages of Juvapen?

With a less than 2% error in dosage, Juvapen allows the practitioner to accurately inject and follow a precise injection plan. This results in more consistent injection results for both the patient and injector. The precise dosage also minimises product waste, resulting in savings of up to 20%.

There is no risk of over-dosage, leading to increased confidence for both the practitioner and patient.

Juvapen facilitates repetitive injection procedures, allowing both experienced and novice injectors a faster learning curve.

Another key advantage is that Juvapen allows the injector to unlock the full botulinum toxin potential. It means the injector can focus solely on injection technique and location rather than dosage control, achieving micro-doses with perfect reproducibility.

What’s in it for patients?

The electronically engineered flow results in significantly less discomfort, with pain intensity reduced by up to 69%.

Side effects are reduced, with results showing less bruising and reduced swelling compared with manual injections.

Injectors also report a dramatic decrease in touch-up procedures when using Juvapen.

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The Juvapen is available now. Call Mondeal Aesthetics on AUS – 1800 633 830 or NZ – 0800 445 839, or fill in the form on the Contact Us page or contact your Mondeal Aesthetics Account Manager.

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