Coming Soon – Teoxane RHA® hydrogel mask

face and neck

Teoxane RHA® hydrogel mask is an innovative and unique blend of RHA resilient hyaluronic acid® and hydrogel contained within individual masks for for the face and neck, for a intensely hydrated, toned and radiant skin from the first application.*

The hydrogel, formed by sea-derived polymers, is widely recognized and used by professionals for its natural ultra-absorbent effect, it offers a better
diffusion of active ingredients whilst creating a hydrating and filmogenic matrix.**

With its “ice effect”, the Teoxane RHA® hydrogel mask feels Ultra Fresh when removed from the skin and with its Plump & Lift double action*, RHA® hydrogel mask is also a perfect post-treatment skincare solution. It has both a soothing and anti-aging benefit.

Specific active ingredients for a targeted response***:

  • RHA® – hydrating and filmogenic effect
  • HA (Hyaluronic Acid) LOW MOLECULAR WEIGHT – volume effect
  • OSILIFT – plumping and smoothing
  • ALOE VERA – soothing
  • FUCOGEL – soothing


Patient satisfaction from the first use*:

100% The skin feels more hydrated
95% The complexion seems more radiant
85% The mask had a tightening effect on the skin
81% Wrinkles and fine lines appeared diminished

After 15 minutes of using RHA® hydrogel mask hydration levels increased by a significant 50.9%.****

* % of volunteers declaring. Self-assessment carried out on 21 volunteers. Results obtained after 15 min of application.
** Hydrogel supplier data.

*** Tests on ingredients performed by independent laboratories.
**** Efficacy test by corneometry measures, carried out on 21 volunteers by an independent laboratory.