How The Evolution of Cosmeceuticals Accompanies Aesthetic Procedures

Taking care of patients’ beauty is increasingly becoming a long-term and holistic approach; and the complementarity between dermal fillers and skincare is instrumental to fullfil patients’ expectations of looking beautiful. This is the reason why in 2009 TEOXANE Laboratories launched a professional Cosmeceutical range1 providing a complete anti-ageing program to accompany filler injections.

TEOXANE Laboratories have developed innovative topical skincare solutions for aesthetic procedures, by incorporating the crosslinked hyaluronic acid used in their injectable dermal fillers into their cosmeceuticals. This synergy further extends aesthetic benefits for a targeted anti-ageing response. Recently, a range of topical products with safe formulas was specifically adapted for professional use in the clinic.

We asked Dr. Sandrine Sebban (SSb) how the use of cosmeceutical products offers a substantial added value to her aesthetics practice.

Why is it important to complement aesthetic procedures with cosmeceutical protocols?

SSb: The evolution of cosmeceuticals has been driven by several technological innovations that now allow the cosmetic industry to provide technical products that deliver immediate and visible skin results. In addition, over the last years, the need to increase skin comfort by maintaining good hydration has also come at the forefront.

In this regard, it is essential to use professional cosmeceutical products to prepare, repair and enhance the skin. A skincare regimen can accompany patients who have had aesthetic procedures and wish to prolong their treatment bene ts with a targeted daily routine. We consider patients individually and de ne the best solutions and protocols according to their needs.

This service has a high added value, allowing us as doctors to offer to our patients a global beauty care approach including a cosmeceutical range.

How do TEOXANE Cosmeceuticals fit in your consultation routine?

SSb: Basically, as a physician, you need speci c and adapted products tailored to complement aesthetic treatments. In my clinic, thanks to professional protocols, we now take care of our patients’ skin, before, during and a er the procedure.

First, the skin is properly prepared for the treatment with a “Pre-Procedure” micellar solution2 to remove make-up, cleanse and tone. Then, after treatment when the skin is sensitized, irritated and needs to be soothed and protected, try a skincare application such as “Post-Procedure”3.

To provide patients with an enhanced premium service, complementary products can be used directly at the clinic such as an intensive care mask4 and a high coverage corrective foundation5 with an SPF6.

As a whole, the high concentration of resilient hyaluronic acid in the TEOXANE Cosmeceutical range is designed to provide support for the regeneration of the skin barrier.

1. Products of the TEOXANE Cosmeceutical range are cosmetic products according to European Regulation 1223/2009, except Radiant Night Peel which is a class I medical device, according to Directive 93/42/EEC. Cosmeceuticals products are not designed to be injected.
2. TEOXANE Cosmeceuticals – RHA® Micellar Solution
3. TEOXANE Cosmeceuticals – Post Procedure
4. TEOXANE Cosmeceuticals – RHA® hydrogel mask
5. TEOXANE Cosmeceuticals – RE[COVER] COMPLEXION SPF50 6. Sunburn Protection factor

Dr Sandrine Sebban
Cosmetic Physician, Paris, France

  • International speaker & reference physician for clinical experiments & filler companies.
  • Specialization in mesotherapy, laser rejuvenation and hair removal. International filler and PRP injection trainer.
  • University lecturer. Degrees in Injection and Filling Techniques, in Dermatology and Aesthetic surgery.
  • Inventor of several techniques (One Point technique, STOP Facial Ageing MethodTM, Pilot needle SoftFil® EasyGuide …)



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